Cyber Security Company

Cyber Security Company

With the expanding cyber environment and emerging technologies, the reported statistics tell us that cyber security threats are becoming the #1 threat among industries around the world. In recent years, a large number of various type of cyber security company have been established, especially in some economic and financial centers. Not surprisingly, Melbourne is one of them.

DelCorp Data as one of the best cyber security company in Melbourne, is located in CBD with professional teams to provide cyber security education and a wide range of services. The defense departments of Australian government have brought up the prior importance of cyber security issues in both public and personal sectors. To maintain a well-structured, organized, safe cyber environment is the best way to protect sensitive data, preventing organizations from severe financial and reputation losses. The purpose and principle of DelCorp Data’s cyber security services is to provide their clients some comprehensive network system threats detection, cyber defense strategies and the corresponding best solutions.

As cyber security is a dynamic topic, with rapid development of skills and technologies, a trustworthy cyber security company must have experts who are always learning new concepts. It is critical to improve skills to follow the trends in this industry, in order to cater to all the customers’ needs. All the cyber security solutions should be one-to-one as well, which means that the strategies and solutions should be based on the specific case of different customers, to better fit in the actual situation.

It is highly recommended to speak with cyber security experts in DelCorp Data to analyze your case and customize services for your enterprise accordingly.


Cloud Cyber Security

Cloud Cyber Security

With the improvement of the Internet infrastructure, the speed of the network has increased rapidly. The era of companies laying large numbers of servers themselves to satisfy computing is over. Instead, more and more companies have chosen to trust cloud service providers to provide themselves with more efficient and lower-cost computing and storage. This kind of trust is largely based on the protection of cloud cyber security service providers for user data security and service stability. The protection and improvements of the cloud cyber security is even more important, because once the cloud business data are leaks and falsifies, it will undoubtedly have a very bad influence on the company’s business, reputation and economic interests.

However, after investigation, the vast majority of users are actually not concerned with could cyber security. There are two main reasons. The first one is fortunate. “My data is not much, it should not be stolen; so many applications on the Internet, so much data, it will never come to me; lost the company’s data is not my responsibility.” The second is sad psychological. “How many databases do I have? How much sensitive data is there? How much is my data worth? How much harm will the data leak if it does?”

In fact, Alibaba Cloud, Amazon and cisco and other top international cloud service providers all provide complete defense services. But it is the psychology of users who do not care about that they did not choose to purchase such cloud cyber security products so that many of the avoidable cloud security issues are exposed. For example, Cisco offers products that protect against threats from the web, reduce the total time it takes for security vulnerabilities to be patched and identified, and provide protection for SaaS applications.

Top Cyber Security Experts

Top Cyber Security Experts

Cyber security issue now is becoming a serious factor deciding the smoothing running of businesses and government organizations all over the world. According to the report statistics, it will be the top threats in the coming years among industries. Many companies choose professional cyber security experts to detect and strengthen the network vulnerabilities for them. We can see the trend that there are dramatically increasing needs of top cyber security experts in Australian labor market.

DelCorp Data as a qualified cyber security agency located in Melbourne CBD, having a team of Melbourne’s top cyber security experts with experience and trustworthy skills to assist their clients minimizing cyber threats and related potential risks with up to date strategies.

Customers’ needs are always the first priority. The professional experts will work based on the actual case and customize policies, strategies and take actions accordingly. Now we are living in an evolving digital era with constantly emerging technologies especially in cyber environment, as top cyber security experts, it is always crucial to upgrade knowledge and keep doing self-improvements. DelCorp Data is aiming at tracing the latest cyber technologies, and applies them into their services to provide comprehensive protection to clients’ businesses.

Except cyber security services, business owners can also speak with them on IT team training and flexible workshops for employees. DelCorp Data will be always aiming at delivering the best, customized business IT solutions to all the clients with great resources.

Cyber Threats Prevention

Cyber Threats Prevention

To better safeguard the sensitive data and confidential information for personal businesses or public organizations, cyber threats prevention is becoming one of the priorities of cyber security agencies and experts.

The threats are everywhere. Cyber attackers are creating new technologies to seek any possible opportunity to disrupt, enter, alter or destroy the cyber environment. For public section, governments is working on protection of the integrity of core infrastructure of defense, science, finance, public health systems, etc. Cyber criminals could get enormous data flow from them. For business owners, if you leave the risks and don’t seek solution to fight against cyber security issues, you may face severe losses in both financial aspect and public reputation.

To apply cyber threats prevention, is to take actions before hackers do. Cyber security agency DelCorp Data and its professional expert team can assist businesses to build and solid cyber security strategy and strengthen any detected networks vulnerability based on the actual situation of each different case.

We are in a constantly changing era of digital transformation, it is critical for businesses to be prepared to face the evolving cyber security threats. The potential risks are faced by almost every organization and business in various industries.

DelCorp Data’s cyber threats prevention multilayered services cover:

-Penetration testing

-Managed could security services

-Managed firewall services

-Accident detection and response

-Data encryption


Speak with the experienced consultants located in the Melbourne CBD office with any enquiry and cyber threats concerns.

Global Cyber Security

Global Cyber Security

In the past a few years, global cyber security has shown new changes. Some new types of cyber security threats are spreading globally. For example,the global attacks on critical information infrastructure have continued to climb, frequent occurrences of cyber-attacks using IoT devices, ransomware virus presents explosive growth and the security harm caused by e-mail is becoming more and more serious.

In order to resolve these global cyber security threats, many countries have seriously set long-term goals for network security governance, planned and implemented strategic measures, and strengthened the reserve of emerging technologies and talents. According to statistics, the annual investment of governments and companies in the field of cyber-attack threat response has grown to 445 billion US dollars.

There are also multiple forms of dialogue and cooperation between the state and international organizations. They are committed to the construction and development of global cyber security.

Recently, The Global Cyber Security Center led by the 48th Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) was formally established on January 23, 2018. The center will be established in Geneva and is scheduled to officially begin operations in March 2018. This new center aims to increase the flexibility of the network while establishing a set of independent best practice libraries and will provide guidance on different attack scenarios. The center will also help the “developed networks” region to develop new strategies to protect various critical infrastructures.

It is still unknown whether the Global Cyber Security Center will achieve much. However, it is undeniable that, with the proliferation of global information security threats, the establishment of a global cyber security center can at least help promote industry transformation, increase market awareness of security, and reduce cyber criminals.


Security Software Companies

Security Software Companies

Antivirus software is a type of software used to eliminate cyber security threats such as computer viruses, Trojan horses, and malware. Antivirus software usually integrates features such as surveillance identification, virus scanning and removal, and automatic upgrades. There is no doubt that antivirus software is an important part of computer defense systems. There are a lot of security software companies around the world that have developed different antivirus software for windows, mac, and even iOS/Android. However, the reputation of these security software companies and the quality of the products they introduce are uneven. Therefore, in order to help you, we have selected top three security software companies in the security industry. And by introducing these companies and their products, you can choose the solution that best suits for you.

  • Kaspersky: The world-famous leader in information security has firmly established itself as one of the top four terminal security software providers in the world. Kaspersky has done a very good job in antivirus, especially in the prevention of malware, online protection and other aspects
  • Bitdefender: Well-known (famous) anti-virus software, started in 1996 in Romania, one of the fastest growing and most reliable information security products. Today, BitDefender products cover more than 100 countries and regions, with more than 10 million enterprise users and 120 million individual users.
  • Symantec: Symantec owns the famous Norton antivirus software series. The series has been developed so far, in addition to the original anti-virus, there are anti-spyware and other network security risks. Norton Anti-Virus series includes: Norton Internet Security, Norton Antivirus, and Norton ALL-IN-ONE Security.

DelCorp Data is a cyber security agency that aiming at providing best suitable cyber security services to clients. The better choose the software and getting cyber security strategies of your business, speak with their professionals for more advice.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

As cyber attacks becoming a dominant threat in many industries all over the world, the attitudes from enterprises towards cyber security are starting to shift. Hence, effective tests and protections skills of the cyber environment are extremely important. A penetration testing is a professional hacking attempt to invade an organization’s ICT infrastructure and internal system with their authorization in order to check the vulnerable spots and provide according solutions to prevent future malicious attacks. Penetration testing becomes one of our focuses in the cyber security services.

The clients will mainly be Australian enterprises, organizations and any individual/group with potential cyber security issues wanting cyber security technical supports. As one of the best cyber security companies in Australia, a team of our certified cyber security experts with available penetration testing tools undertakes the penetrating tests and relative improvements.

Reducing cyber criminals malicious entry is the key to protect internal enterprise resources and minimize the possibilities to suffer from economic and honorary heavy losses. Penetration testing as an effective way to check systematic loopholes, is the priority of our network health checks activities.

The clients will see the real-time efficiency and cost saving over long term compared with other competitors and the potential they may encounter with the malicious attacks and intrusions in the vulnerable cyber systems.

Cyber Security Course Melbourne

Cyber Security Course Melbourne

Besides the professional cyber security services provided to all the clients who have concerns or may encounter with cyber security threats of their businesses and organizations, DelCorp Data also deliver cyber security course Melbourne.

The cyber security course Melbourne by DelCorp Data are open to all levels of students, with flexible time frames and course structure. The main purposes of the training are to teach the students in this field:

-To protect your sensitive data and confidential information from cyber breach.

-To strengthen your network systems by cyber attack protection.

-To understand the latest tools and technologies that hackers are using.

-To scan and run regular checks for systems to identify vulnerabilities.

-To implement appropriate IT support tools and strategies for businesses and organizations.


As a trustworthy cyber security agency located in Melbourne CBD, it delivers the cyber security courses  Melbourne both in office face to face and online form. Students can all access the rich and diverse study materials based on cyber security issues, including videos, discussion forum, lecture slide, etc.

It has been an international trend to raise cyber security awareness level and invest in staff training and hiring as from the reported statistics we can see that cyber threats is going to be the number 1 threats among industrial all over the world.


Technical Support Melbourne

Technical Support Melbourne

Nowadays,  small and large businesses are all on the exponential pace of expanding and changing IT environment. It is critical for businesses and organizations to have a comprehensively managed cyber security system. People now are willing to invest in cyber security training and services with the increasing awareness, because in the long run it is a cost-effective way to keep your business running smoothly without leaving the risks stay. Technical support Melbourne is strong needed by those organizations.

DelCorp Data as the best technical support provider in Melbourne, offering a full range of cyber security services to the clients who are facing cyber threats or may encounter with cyber security issues in the future. Technical support Melbourne is definitely not a one-fit-all service, DelCorp Data is aiming at making the IT services tailor to individual business. The cyber security expert team is located in Melbourne CBD, clients are welcome to speak with the consultants to discuss what will happen next. The technical support Melbourne services can be divided into 3 major types:


The first step is always to investigate and evaluate the current cyber network systems, in order to identify actual vulnerabilities of the existing systems. DelCorp Data is specializing in penetration testing, incident response, network auditing, and many of other technical services.

-Manage and Protect

Base on the outcome of first step, it is the time to modify the current network and do some improvements, such as data encryption, firewall, incident detection and response, email and internet access control, etc.


To secure the cyber environment in future, it is also important to make a customized cyber security strategy fit for purpose. DelCorp Data can help clients to choose the proper IT service suites and tools and install them for work place use.

A combined variety of technical supports can give comprehensive protection that businesses need. To secure the network system in this digitalized era is always the top priority that business owner should consider.

Cyber Security Hub

Cyber Security Hub

With the cyber security concerns raised up in Australia with high amount of cybercrime caused losses, Melbourne, as its main city, chief port and commercial center has become a regional cyber security hub recent years. Australian government shows strong supports with both financial and academic inputs, which make the programs have expanding reputation all over the world.

In the past a few years, many academic institutions and non-for-profit organizations set up international branch or cyber security hub center in Melbourne. For example, Oxford University’s first international office of its leading global cyber security capacity center followed that CSIRO’s digital research center moved to Melbourne. These organizations’ trusts and supports show a huge vote of confidence of Melbourne’s healthy cyber environment and academic ability to fight against cyber security threats.

As a member of cyber security hub, Melbourne, DelCorp Data contributes to academic research and practical innovations and compliance services to maintain data and information safety for scaled businesses, organizations or even government departments.

We can imagine the severe losses and the following negative reputation if businesses or organizations go through data breach and malicious cyber attack. Anyone who have concerns or may encounter with cyber security threats can join in DelCorp Data website to seek advice, training programs or professional services.