With the improvement of the Internet infrastructure, the speed of the network has increased rapidly. The era of companies laying large numbers of servers themselves to satisfy computing is over. Instead, more and more companies have chosen to trust cloud service providers to provide themselves with more efficient and lower-cost computing and storage. This kind of trust is largely based on the protection of cloud cyber security service providers for user data security and service stability. The protection and improvements of the cloud cyber security is even more important, because once the cloud business data are leaks and falsifies, it will undoubtedly have a very bad influence on the company’s business, reputation and economic interests.

However, after investigation, the vast majority of users are actually not concerned with could cyber security. There are two main reasons. The first one is fortunate. “My data is not much, it should not be stolen; so many applications on the Internet, so much data, it will never come to me; lost the company’s data is not my responsibility.” The second is sad psychological. “How many databases do I have? How much sensitive data is there? How much is my data worth? How much harm will the data leak if it does?”

In fact, Alibaba Cloud, Amazon and cisco and other top international cloud service providers all provide complete defense services. But it is the psychology of users who do not care about that they did not choose to purchase such cloud cyber security products so that many of the avoidable cloud security issues are exposed. For example, Cisco offers products that protect against threats from the web, reduce the total time it takes for security vulnerabilities to be patched and identified, and provide protection for SaaS applications.