Besides the professional cyber security services provided to all the clients who have concerns or may encounter with cyber security threats of their businesses and organizations, DelCorp Data also deliver cyber security course Melbourne.

The cyber security course Melbourne by DelCorp Data are open to all levels of students, with flexible time frames and course structure. The main purposes of the training are to teach the students in this field:

-To protect your sensitive data and confidential information from cyber breach.

-To strengthen your network systems by cyber attack protection.

-To understand the latest tools and technologies that hackers are using.

-To scan and run regular checks for systems to identify vulnerabilities.

-To implement appropriate IT support tools and strategies for businesses and organizations.


As a trustworthy cyber security agency located in Melbourne CBD, it delivers the cyber security courses  Melbourne both in office face to face and online form. Students can all access the rich and diverse study materials based on cyber security issues, including videos, discussion forum, lecture slide, etc.

It has been an international trend to raise cyber security awareness level and invest in staff training and hiring as from the reported statistics we can see that cyber threats is going to be the number 1 threats among industrial all over the world.