To better safeguard the sensitive data and confidential information for personal businesses or public organizations, cyber threats prevention is becoming one of the priorities of cyber security agencies and experts.

The threats are everywhere. Cyber attackers are creating new technologies to seek any possible opportunity to disrupt, enter, alter or destroy the cyber environment. For public section, governments is working on protection of the integrity of core infrastructure of defense, science, finance, public health systems, etc. Cyber criminals could get enormous data flow from them. For business owners, if you leave the risks and don’t seek solution to fight against cyber security issues, you may face severe losses in both financial aspect and public reputation.

To apply cyber threats prevention, is to take actions before hackers do. Cyber security agency DelCorp Data and its professional expert team can assist businesses to build and solid cyber security strategy and strengthen any detected networks vulnerability based on the actual situation of each different case.

We are in a constantly changing era of digital transformation, it is critical for businesses to be prepared to face the evolving cyber security threats. The potential risks are faced by almost every organization and business in various industries.

DelCorp Data’s cyber threats prevention multilayered services cover:

-Penetration testing

-Managed could security services

-Managed firewall services

-Accident detection and response

-Data encryption


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