Cyber Security Websites

Cyber Security Websites

As we all know that cyber environment is an evolving world with all the emerging technologies and up to date changes, cyber security has become a popular topic, with gradually increasing importance. To make yourself keep up with the newest trends, news and best information, it is a good idea to access diverse online open resources from cyber security websites.

The majority of these cyber security websites deliver news, ideas, comments, statistics, and technologies in a blog form or newsletters form. The topics are around the recent trends of cyber security issues, such as data protection, cloud security, penetration testing, cyber security conferences, etc. The discussion forum and video resources are open for industrial networks and communications.

DelCorp Data as a professional cyber security agency provides cyber security training and services, also has its website open to public with rich content and resource. People have any relevant questions and request can pop in the office located in Melbourne CBD or chat with online consultants. Clients are highly encouraged to register and express their ideas through the platform. DelCorp Data is working hard to establish its cyber security website as a public platform with all accurate, up to date information.

If clients are seeking for trustworthy cyber security services to their companies’ network systems, it has expert team to help all the time.

Computer Security Melbourne

Computer Security Melbourne

Are you looking for the best suitable computer security services or software for your business? Do you need to speak with trustworthy cyber security professionals located in Melbourne? Do you prefer a customized cyber security strategy and series of solutions customized based on the specific case you are having? DelCorp Data, as one of the best cyber security agency in Melbourne can provide all you need.

With the increasing concern in cyber environment threats, computer security is an inevitable issue in almost every organization. Management levels nowadays also rank it as their priority to pay attention in the whole business structure.

Computer security in Melbourne draws attention and investments from state government, as we are becoming the high-risk area of cybercrimes based on actual statistics in reports.

The issues of computer security are basically divided into two types, internal staff physical access and external malicious cyber attacks by hackers. The targets are sensitive data and confidential information of the business. Hence, a security computer networks is a key to ensure the smooth running of a company. DelCorp Data’s expert team is specializing on cyber security strategy and policies making, also provide proper security services with best computer security software suites.

Anyone who has relative concerns can book and speak with DelCorp Data’s consultants to establish better networks in your business from today.

Certified Cyber Security Experts

Certified Cyber Security Experts

Due to large number of cybercrimes and data breaches recently happened worldwide, cyber security has become one of the top ranked business threats among industries. Computer security in Melbourne draws attention and investments from state government, as we are becoming the high-risk area of cybercrimes based on actual statistics in reports. DelCorp Data delivers professional cyber security services to the clients, with a team of certified cyber security experts in diverse specialized fields.

As the risks of cyber security threats can never be eliminated, the main purpose of implementing cyber security services is to mitigate the possibility and potential severe losses come with cyber attacks.

The certified cyber security experts are aiming at detect the possible cyber weaknesses and customize corresponding strategies and solutions with:

-Penetration testing

-Insider cyber threats management

-Incidents detection and response

-Staff training and augmentation

-IT networks auditing


As the clients base will mainly be small and medium scale businesses and organizations, DelCorp Data’s cyber security experts will also focus on high-risk cyber attacks happen in most actual workplaces, such as blackmail, malicious system intrusion, data stolen and unauthorized access, etc.

Taking actions before attackers do with a secure cyber environment is always the best way to minimized the risks and close to business succeed.

Computer Network Security

Computer Network Security

With the rapid development of technologies and spread use of computer and network systems in almost all the businesses and organizations, to ensure the computer network security is the priority that management team should pay attention because every system may be the target of cybercrime.

The computer network security covers strategies, policies and practices implemented to protect all the network-accessible resource and sensitive data of a business. The main malicious threats include unauthorized access, unauthorized modification, misuse of network resources, etc. Besides external cyber attackers access to the network by technical ways, physical access by internal staff to network devices also needs to be avoided.

Nowadays, computer network is a common place to store important information, critical statistics and confidential corporate secrets. Each organization should apply certain policy to maintain computer network security. The network security policy should cover the following issues:

-Outlines of business rules for network access

-Apply antivirus and antimalware software

-Conduct regular behavioral analytics

-Data loss prevention and accident response strategy

-Email and other devices security


The specific actions to apply on each organization depend on the actual systems, sizes, and structures of different places. They will target on a wide variety of malicious access and threats that are trying to break in and spread in the networks. To assist these organizations protect the network systems from severe breach and losses, DelCorp Data has professional team to deliver cyber security services based on clients’ specific requirements and actual situations.

Cyber Defense Melbourne

Cyber Defense Melbourne

Melbourne, as one of Australia’s biggest business centers, chief port and cultural centers, having many different scaled businesses and organizations located here. With the popular use of network and cyber technologies, cyber defense Melbourne has also been raised as a hot topic recently among a variety of industries. Businesses start to seek help from professional cyber security agencies such as DelCorp Data, the state government also launched program and put investment in to establishing safe cyber environment security.

Why Melbourne Australia is a high-risk area of cyber attacks? It has the world’s largest high-speed broadband environment with independent Wifi networks, Australia also has the largest amount of online banking and online shopping users. In the past a few year, the number of cybercrime in Melbourne rapidly increased and it is also forecasted to be the top 1 threat among various industries in the near future. The cyber defense Melbourne becomes an inevitable trend. Especially for businesses and government departments, fight against cyber threats is a never stop mission to protect super confidential data and information in different levels. To minimize the cyber security risks is the most effective way to protect confidential information and sensitive data, and in order to reduce severe losses which cyber attacks bring to us.

For more information on cyber defense in Melbourne, DelCorp Data as the best cyber security agency will customize specific strategy and services depend on your needs. Welcome to pop in the Melbourne CBD office to speak with professional cyber defense team members.

Network Security Companies

Network Security Companies

Network security refers to a combination of appropriate uses of both hardware and software to protect the network system of a business or organization. What network security companies do is o ensure the network security in order to ensure the smooth running of the internal cyber environment and to provide comprehensive protection of company’s sensitive data and confidential information.

To better apply network security services of enterprises, there is an increasing trend of network security companies established by cyber security professionals with according skills and tools.

DelCorp Data is one of these best network security companies located in Melbourne. As a cyber security agency, DelCorp Data’s main purpose is to provide a variety range of network security detections and maintain services to secure all the client’s network systems and to minimize the possibility of cyber threats and severe business losses.

Network security is highly recommended to be implemented to all the enterprises, regardless to the scales and turnovers. The clients will be beneficial from the following aspects:

  • Full-scale protection against malicious cyber attacks and potential data/information breach.
  • Improve and perfect network systems with up to date techniques.
  • Stop suspicious access and control the system safety.
  • Provide corresponding cyber security strategy and plan.


The clients can speak with DelCorp Data consultants for any general questions and special requirements. To find out the best way to secure enterprise’s network environment is a key way to protect your business.

Database Security Experts

Database Security Experts

The rapid development of the Internet has brought unlimited opportunities for both businesses and individuals. As online business becomes more and more popular, access to global customers has also become something that can be achieved very easily. If people want to establish an online business, the most important thing is to establish a comprehensive database with database security experts to maintain the secure environment.

However, due to their importance, databases have become the main targets of attackers because they store a lot of valuable and sensitive information which includes all aspects of finance, intellectual property, and corporate data. Cyber criminals have begun to gain a lot of profit from invading online business servers and damaging databases. Therefore, ensuring database security has become an increasingly important proposition.

Although people are aware of the importance of database security, they still make errors when developing and integrating applications or correcting vulnerabilities and updating databases. The need for database security experts arose when hackers took advantage of these errors. The database security expert, using techniques and advice, plays a huge role in protecting the data for both businesses and individuals.

Responsibilities of data security experts include:
1. Examining the pros and cons of the database before releasing it
2. Using TLS or SSL encrypted communication platforms to reduce the risk of data leaks
3. Providing regular patches for database systems
4. Encrypting database files
5. Establishing and maintaining firewalls to protect database networks
6. Using trace information (log text) to query and resolve violations

DelCorp Data as a trustworthy cyber security agency provide database security talents and comprehensive range of services to clients. For whom may concern can speak with consultants to get more useful information.

Firewall security

Firewall Security

With the development of Internet information technology, the internal networks of many enterprise organizations have begun to connect to the Internet. In this way, enterprises can access and interact with the external world while the external world can also access and interact with the internal network of the enterprise. At this time, in order to ensure the security of enterprise organizations’ information, the enterprise must protect their important information. For this reason, it is very important to erect a security barrier that acts as an intermediary system between the network and the Internet, such as Firewall security. The role of this barrier is to provide only the level of security and auditing that adheres to this network.It can block external threats and intrusions from the external network through to the internal network. The security name of this barrier is called a “network firewall security.”

Network firewall security represents the function of restrict Internet users’ access to the internal network and manage internal user access to the external internet world. In other words, the network firewall security can be seen as a tool for providing a blockade between an internal network that is considered secure and trusted and an external network that is considered less secure and trusted.

In general, the firewall should have the following five basic functions:
● Filter incoming and outgoing network data;
● Manage access to and from the network;
● Block certain prohibited businesses;
● Record information content and activities through the firewall;
● Detect and alert network attacks.

Big data security expert

Big Data Security Expert

Why big data security expert is needed urgently in various industries? The development of social information and networking has led to an explosive growth of data. Globally, the volume of data doubles approximately every two years, which means that the amount of data generated by humans in the last two years is equivalent to the amount of data previously generated. Big data technology has quietly penetrated into various industrial fields and gradually become an important factor in production. However, the accompanying security challenges cannot be ignored. Each new data source becomes a new potential attack point as soon as it is joined to the information network. Fortunately, big data analytics technology has begun to infiltrate the security field. It has begun to integrate with traditional security technologies and created a new security response method in the data era: big data security analysis.

Experts in big data security analysis are currently very scarce. A big data security expert uses big data as a tool to face different types of security challenges. The main responsibilities of a big data security expert is:
1. Determine the sequence of attacks. The expert needs to analyze any anomaly of events concerning the data. By including information, users, and business application data into the content, they can come to the conclusion that a security breach has occurred.
2. Conduct security research investigations, based on assumptions and conjectures.
3. Get insights from large amounts of data. The expert needs to do abnormal and pattern detection of gigabyte data within the previous twelve months.
4. Centralize the management of IT, users, business application data and security event data.

Seeking for big data security talents? Speak with DelCorp Data to get more information about the cyber security services they deliver and customized strategies for you!


Business IT security

Business IT Security

There are a large number of businesses worldwide. Regardless of the size of these businesses, each business has its own very valuable information that should be protected very carefully. However, that valuable information is more likely to attract attacks from external hackers or leaked by an internal employee. So, how should companies and other organizations make sure their sensitive data and confidential information are safe and anti-attacked?The answer is simply about solve the security problems of their business IT security system.

Business IT security is mainly having to the following weaknesses:
1. Configuration management not in place. For example, IE’s security level is arbitrarily modified, making it vulnerable to attack. Or an employee failed to update related protection software and repair system vulnerabilities in time.
2. Weak awareness of information security among internal employees. For example, unconscious employees using programs with viruses, Trojans, or corporate prohibitions that jeopardize corporate security.
3. Low password security awareness. For example, most employees use weak passwords or share passwords with others, and never change a password for a long period of time.
4. Issues of internal access rights. For example, former employee account failed to log off.

Therefore, ff the above four security issues could be solved, that will greatly improve business IT security and reduce the possibility of business information leakage.

For any clients who have these concerns and want to figure out the best solution to strengthen their security system, DelCorp Data provides professional consultation and corresponding services to eliminate the potential cyber security threats.