Cyber Security Specialists

Cyber Security Specialists

DelCorp Data has a team of experienced cyber security specialists to provide cyber security services for clients who need trustworthy network systems protection for businesses and organizations.

As cyber security specialists, they are specialized on databases, firewalls, encryption, penetration testing and other relevant cyber security knowledge. To better cater the customers’ needs in current working places, DelCorp Data keeps working on follow the up to date cyber security trend and technologies. Australian businesses are facing main problems of malicious attacks, phishing emails, sensitive information or data breach, etc. According to the statistics, cyber security is becoming the top 1 priority that all the businesses have to face in the near future. The investment on fighting against cybercrimes is increasing, Australian government and some other organizations are also release programs to assist enterprises to prevent from cyber threats.

Cyber security specialists now are playing critical roles in all the industries that are involved in the expanding and changing digitalized world.

If you have any problems or concerns about your business’s cyber systems, DelCorp Data’s consulting staff located in Melbourne CBD can assist you anytime with customized health check plan an corresponding improvement suggestions. It is always right to take actions wisely before hackers do to protect your business from severe losses or the potential hazards.

IT Security Training Melbourne

IT Security Training Melbourne

To ensure a healthy and secure cyber/network system within enterprises, it is important to both strengthen the cyber security awareness of the whole team and improve up to date IT skills to fight the upcoming threats. If you are looking for professional IT security Training Melbourne locationsDelCorp Data as a trustworthy cyber security agency provide relevant services and customized training sessions for different levels of staff.

DelCorp Data’s IT security training Melbourne is located in Melbourne CBD, and carried by a team of experienced cyber security experts. To better cater to needs of clients who are having full time jobs, online training sessions are available with rich diverse of material and study resources.

The IT security training Melbourne will focus on the following key points:

  • Enhance cyber security awareness
  • Learn latest trend of cyber security environment
  • Learn how to take actions against cyber threats happened in workplaces, eg. Email security, Internet surfing security, data security, browser privacy, etc.
  • Join in discussion forum with trainers and mates
  • Get flexible access of online learning resources


DelCorp Data is aiming at deliver best cyber security trainings and services in Melbourne based on the actual situation in different organizations and clients’ requirement. Protecting businesses in this way from malicious cyber attacks add relevant potential risks now is a key factor to achieve success of the business running and facing increasing trend.

Security Consultants in Melbourne

Security Consultants in Melbourne

As more and more businesses and organizations rank cyber security as their risk priority to manage, the cyber security professionals take bigger responsibilities than ever. Some companies hire cyber security experts as employees to work while some others outsource this section to other agencies. No matter which way to use, it is always important to talk with cyber security consultants in Melbourne to seek advice.

DelCorp Data is a professional cyber security agency providing talents training and services. It has expert team with security consultants in Melbourne, who are specializing in business cyber security issue management and according services. The clients are basically startup enterprises, scaled businesses and some organizations, which are having or may encounter with cyber security threats.

It has head office located in Melbourne as well as online enquiry; any company can contact them for security consulting in Melbourne. The services DelCorp Data provide are:

-Penetration testing

-Web filtering

-Incidents detection and response

-IT auditing

-Team training workshops


It is highly recommended that to figure out the weakness of the network systems and than apply corresponding protection and perfection service. Our professional consultants are available on weekdays, and extremely helpful to talk with in order to detect, analyze and solve any IT security related issues and concerns.

Strengthen cyber security environment is going to be a critical process throughout the whole journey of running a business. As cyber security has become the top 1 threat among industries, to create a safe network is to prevent severe losses and keep the smooth operation of projects.

Melbourne Cyber Security

Melbourne Cyber Security

Melbourne, as the second big commercial center in Australia, is at the center of cyber security storm and facing severe cyber threats among a variety range of industries. 6 out of 10 largest companies locate their headquarters in Melbourne, including ANZ, Telstra, BHP Billiton, etc. However, according to the statistics 2 years ago, only 36% of the businesses had effective information security strategy to against the potential Melbourne cyber security risks.

Recent year, the situation of Melbourne cyber security is gradually getting better with people’s increasing awareness and investments. Now, Victoria has the largest number of ICT graduates working in this field, more and more universities start to provide cyber security courses opening to both local people and international students. The state government also offers strong support to establish a securer cyber environment for businesses and organizations.

As cyber security in Melbourne is playing increasingly critical roles in this digitalized market, the cyber security services and agencies are getting popular with increasing needs by businesses and other organizations. DelCorp Data is one of the best cyber security agencies located in Melbourne CBD with trustworthy and experienced cyber security experts to provide a series of services to clients.

With the rapid development of new technologies and expanding cyber world, both opportunities and risks exist. With the effort of government, education system and growing ICT infrastructures and talents, Melbourne cyber security is expected to have a brighter future and securer environment. DelCorp Data as a experienced cyber security agency delivers a wide range of cyber security services to clients and you are welcome to speak with CBD office staff to get any assistance and further enquiry.

Internet Security Victoria

Internet Security Victoria

Internet security is a branch of cyber security related to Internet, browser and networks. Australia as a high-risk area of cyber attacks in APAC area, the Internet security Victoria area is one of DelCorp Data’s main focuses.

The Victorian state government is providing strong backing for professionals to build up cyber security infrastructure, many businesses located in Melbourne is responsible for the cyber security concerns and the digital environment.

Speaking of Internet security Victoria, businesses among various industries use electronic devices and cyber space to exchange and store sensitive data and information, which makes Internet environment vulnerability for cyber crimes.

To protect end users and cyber environment from malicious cyber attacks and potential risks, plenty of anti-virus Internet security suites and solutions as a tool to protect people in different levels from the latest dangers.

According to the anti-virus tools’ review last year, some industrial leading suites are:

Total AV







DelCorp Data’s cyber security expert team will provide practical advice on Internet security based on specific cases. The effective uses of Internet security tools would protect individual and organizations from being a cyber attack target. Reports indicate that the Internet threats have a low cost/technology, high efficiency trend, taking actions for self protection before hackers do becomes more crucial in the digitalized world.

Cyber Security Challenges

Cyber Security Challenges

With the booming of cyber world and emerging technologies, businesses are facing growing cyber security challenges and invest more for fighting against cyber threats. In the last year only, all the protection efforts against cyber security challenges cost businesses and organizations $86.4 billion. However, there are still about 20% of the businesses don’t have and cyber threats solutions and recovery plans.

Currently, the priority of cyber security how war is to define the trends and challenges of the market. Basically, there are several points need to be paid attention:

-The future of Artificial Intelligence is expanding.

-The Internet of Thing (IoT) is facing serious security vulnerabilities.

-Ransomware is evolving and getting stronger.

-Insider threats sill exist, including employees and third-parties to penetrate organization and steal data from it.


To stay away from cyber crimes and minimize the possibility of data breach, the businesses have to seek professional advice and upgrading solutions because the new technologies are coming all the time and the cyber security challenges are getting stronger. New defensing mechanisms are brought up accordingly, against being compromised. Businesses should speak with consultants and cyber security companies to safeguard the network systems. DelCorp Data located in Melbourne CBD is a cyber security agency providing cyber security education and wide range of services to clients. Customized testing and solutions to fit in a specific organization will be a practical way to secure your business.

Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services

For businesses seeking for professional cyber security services, DelCorp Data is the reliable, experienced cyber security agency based in Melbourne CBD and provides a full range IT services to protect the networking systems.

With the rise of cyber security awareness among more and more business owners, it is admitted that provide regular improvements and detections services on business cyber environment are vital to safeguard sensitive data and confidential information.

The main cyber security services DelCorp Data is specialized in are:

-Penetration Testing:

Also known as ethical hacking, it is a professional hacking attempt to invade an organization’s ICT infrastructure and internal system with their authorization in order to check the vulnerabilities and provide according advice and implementations of solutions.

-Incident Response Services:

Conduct strategies and management plans to help companies recover from a cyber attack quickly if it already happened. The solutions are for data re-deployment and resource re-collecting and replacement.


Encryption is to make the sensitive data and information protected, the hackers won’t get them to use even if they are stolen. It is a effective way to protect during data transferring and storage.

-Web Filtering

According to the research, one thirds data breached are caused by mistakes made by employees, which normally inappropriate use of websites. This service is to provide web filter layer to protect networks from harmful websites, services and plugins, etc.


Before taking actions, it is more important to speak with consultants and have a comprehensive review of the business networks and to see what does your business need.

DelCorp Data consultants can discuss with clients to make customized plans and figure out the best cyber security services for them.


Cyber Security Conference

Cyber Security Conference

Australia has been pointed as one of the high-risk areas of cyber security threats and cyber crimes as it is considered to have fastest growing industries around the world in previous cyber security conference. The threats of cyber security are among various industries so the trend makes Australia a major player against cyber security in APAC area.

Every year, cyber security conference are held to discuss cyber security issues and trends from different levels and perspective, and they are good chances to boost career opportunities for cyber security professionals. In general, industrial leading companies and non-for-profit organizations host cyber security conference for a whole day period, providing different topics to discuss, experience cyber security experts will be invited as speakers. The common purpose is to make this an annual opportunity to convey fundamental cyber security information and updates for businesses and organizations with up to date security landscape.

Some well-organized regular cyber security conferences in Australia include ACSC Conference, Security Expo & Conference, Cyber Threat Summit, APAC ICS Cyber Security Conference, etc. These events are open to public with registration fee, and generally co-sponsored by government defense departments. These events are highly recommended to people who are interested in cyber security issues, may encounter with cyber security threats, seek for job opportunities in cyber security field and expand networking start.

Top Cyber Expert in Melbourne

Top Cyber Expert in Melbourne

As 2017 was a year of widespread cyber attacks and data/information breach around the world, more and more businesses prioritize cyber security more than ever before with bigger awareness and investment. DelCorp Data is the top cyber expert in Melbourne with rich experience and professional expert team.

As a cyber security agency, DelCorp Data provides a diverse range of cyber services for clients including start-up businesses, scaled enterprises and other organizations.

As the top cyber expert in Melbourne, it keeps expanding and upgrading its scope of managed security services, which include:

-Penetration testing

-Security program assessment

-Incident response services

-Cyber security strategy and governance

-Digital identity

-Risk management

-Cloud security services


DelCorp Data’s services are aiming at continuously improve and innovate to provide up to data cyber security services and protect the entire network systems of the clients, by taking actions before attackers. The stable and confident cyber defense will effectively protect the confidential information, properties and market reputations for every organization. The top cyber expert in Melbourne will always be here to support their growth and maintenance of cyber environment.

The potential cyber security threats can never be eliminated, DelCorp Data experts will use trustworthy technical skills and recommend and implement practical solutions to secure the cyber world. Feel free to book an appointment with supportive expert team regarding any related issues.