Nowadays,  small and large businesses are all on the exponential pace of expanding and changing IT environment. It is critical for businesses and organizations to have a comprehensively managed cyber security system. People now are willing to invest in cyber security training and services with the increasing awareness, because in the long run it is a cost-effective way to keep your business running smoothly without leaving the risks stay. Technical support Melbourne is strong needed by those organizations.

DelCorp Data as the best technical support provider in Melbourne, offering a full range of cyber security services to the clients who are facing cyber threats or may encounter with cyber security issues in the future. Technical support Melbourne is definitely not a one-fit-all service, DelCorp Data is aiming at making the IT services tailor to individual business. The cyber security expert team is located in Melbourne CBD, clients are welcome to speak with the consultants to discuss what will happen next. The technical support Melbourne services can be divided into 3 major types:


The first step is always to investigate and evaluate the current cyber network systems, in order to identify actual vulnerabilities of the existing systems. DelCorp Data is specializing in penetration testing, incident response, network auditing, and many of other technical services.

-Manage and Protect

Base on the outcome of first step, it is the time to modify the current network and do some improvements, such as data encryption, firewall, incident detection and response, email and internet access control, etc.


To secure the cyber environment in future, it is also important to make a customized cyber security strategy fit for purpose. DelCorp Data can help clients to choose the proper IT service suites and tools and install them for work place use.

A combined variety of technical supports can give comprehensive protection that businesses need. To secure the network system in this digitalized era is always the top priority that business owner should consider.